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Matthew Dotson is a producer and composer of electronic music. He has been actively releasing music since the late 90’s and has worked across a huge variety of media/ensembles from rock bands to chamber orchestras to fixed-media installations. His music is primarily focused on the emotional/perceptual transformations that accompany shifting blocks of continuous, rhythmic sound.

New Release: Seduction (2021)

Dotson - Seduction

His 7th release “Seduction” breathes heavy sexual rhythms of electronic ear-candy longing for a territory that doesn’t exist. Consisting of 2 pieces each 15 minutes long, Side A hits hard with heavy, sporadic breaks while waves of liquid slowly build energy underneath.  By the time Side B arrives, this liquid energy dominates and lets you know that you have nothing to worry about because your destination is an intelligent oasis of paradise.  Since you now know where you’re headed, you relax and let go.  Seduced by unidentified territory, you’re ok with the darkness. For fans of Autechre, Matmos, Oneohtrix Point Never, and E-Sagglia.